Classic Wedding Gown Silhouettes

Many brides to be begin shopping for their gowns as soon as they become engaged. But befor you run off to the stores, your first step is to determine how formal or informal your ceremony and reception will be, when and where it will take place and how much money you’re prepared to spend.
Most brides purchase new wedding gowns and its smart to begin shopping as soon as the critical planning decisions are made. Special dress orders can take months, sometimes as many as ten months to a year for different designers. If your thinking about having a dress made you still need plenty of time to work with the designer or seamstress. Even off the rack dresses usually require a lot of work for alterations.
Below are the some clasic wedding gowns???

Ball gown~Full length “Cinderella” style with big full skirt
A-Line~ In the shape of an A, slimmer at the bodice and widening from the bodice down
Empire~High waisted with the bodice cropped just below the bust
Basque~U or V shaped waste line dropped several inches below the natural waist
Sheath~Narrow following the body’s contours; no defined waist


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