Having a fabulous wedding while staying within your budget!!

Have you ever purchased several bridal magazines and while scanning through them you flipped through the pages and suddenly stopped on a page and thought this is what I want??? And then every one you told thought you were correct and that style fitted you.

The secret of what makes your wedding special and amazing is when all the pieces come together to tell an untold story of your love. And that story speaks to you.

Here is a simple 6-step plan that helps you make your wedding fabulous while styling budget.

Whats your story
Talk with your fiancé about how you met, things you enjoy doing together, movies or music you enjoy and your heritage. Pick a few things that you feel are important to both of you and then decide on the overall style for your wedding. There are many possibilities and you can do on your own to make it your own style. Once you have chosen the overall style add some adjectives that describe the feeling you want in your story your ready for the next step… BUDGET!!

What’s your budget
Take a look at the inspiration boards and think about the aspects you really like and how you can incorporate them into your wedding. There are so many details in a wedding that allow you opportunities to tell your story and your style.

Define your color
Once you have a style down the color becomes easy. It’s good to have a primary color or color scheme with one or two supporting colors. Colors are important and convey emotions.

Creat an inspiration board
Look through wedding magazines and collect images that you like. You can do this by cutting out pictures and glueing them on a piece of paper. Or you can use a cork board which for me was the best. Or you can use Pinterest on the internet. This is a great way to begin to see your vision come to life. to

Prioritize what matters
Prioritize the things that are most important to you, things that are secondary and things that you can do without.

Time plan and implementation
After you have decided what items you’ll buy, what you’ll have vendors supply and what you’ll do yourself, create a detailed (and realistic) time plan that allows you enough time before your wedding to implement and avoid any stress on your big day. All you would need now is a “Day of planner”

Happy planning and make your day fabulous!!!