Engaged now what?


Before you begin the fun wedding shopping you must set a budget that you can afford. Having a luxury wedding doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to have the wedding of your dreams. Here’s some tips on how to create a budget and stay on track.

Budget- Create a budget you and your spouse can handle and decide on how much you already have saved.

Who paying- Find out who’s paying for what on your wedding. Maybe they can contribute to certain items like… DJ,Flowers,Invitations

Guest- Your budget will be linked to your guest count. The larger the number of guest the largest the budget. Remember that food and beverage are based on a per person amount.

Prioritize- Remember that it’s okay to splurge on what’s important to you in your wedding and cut back on things that insignificant.

Keep track- Once your budget is set, keep a binder with all your expenses all the way to the favors. Make sure you log everything, and if your going over budget go back and reevaluate.

Make payments- Each and every vendor is different, but making payments on time is essential. When booking with a vendor it’s almost a must that you punt down a deposit. Then making payments as follow on the day discussed.

Remember having the wedding of your dreams you must plan for it. Set a budget that will allow you and your spouse to enjoy each and every moment of the process. And if your frustrated, add a wedding planner to your budget. The wedding planner will allow you to relax and enjoy being engaged and be the life of your big day


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