Wedding Thank You Notes

Nancy ask’s…….What’s the proper etiquette for sending out thank you cards?

Send out thank you cards within two months of your wedding. Order thank you cards ahead of time so as gifts arrive you can send out your thank you card. Everyone who attends the wedding should get a thank you card weather they brought a gift or not.

Examples of Thank You Cards for Wedding Gifts

Close relative:
Dear Uncle Alvin and Aunt Nicole,
Thank you for the amazing pots and pans. Larry and I will enjoy having such an great time cooking in them. We are blessed that you were able to travel so far to attend our wedding, and we enjoyed hearing about the trip you’ll be taking soon. We’re looking forward to our married life and eventually having you visit us in our new home.

Love always,

Gift from a friend:
Dear Tonya,
Thank you for the picture frames you gave us for our wedding. We now have enough pictures to fill them with. We’re also honored you were able to join us and celebrate our new marriage. I look forward to sharing pictures from our honeymoon in those beautiful frames. Hope to hear from you very soon.


Gifts from coworkers:
Dear Angie and Mark,
Thank you so much for the 600-thread count sheet set you so generously gave us for our wedding. We’ll enjoy sleeping in luxury for many years. We also appreciate that you came to our wedding and reception to share such an important day in our lives.

With love,

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