The lady behind Simply PerKfect Event Boutique


Name: Antoinette Terry
Business Name & Location: Simply PerKfect Event Boutique – 310 W 112th Chicago, IL
Number of Years Working in Event Industry: 7 years in various industries
Twitter & Instagram: SimplyPerkfectEvents
What’s your signature scent? I absolutely love anything with lavender and clean linen
My favorite flower? Peonies, Allium and Roses
Favorite Color? PURPLE

What is Your Typical Day Like?
A typical day for me as the owner of Simply PerKfect Event Boutique is a bit unique. Therefore, my attention on the business mainly happens in the morning (my favorite time of day) and on the weekends.
A typical event planning day for me is to start by reviewing my daily task list prioritized highest to lowest and what needs to be addressed immediately. It can be either posting on our Facebook page, updating our blog, tweeting, marketing, typing up contracts or just returning emails and phone calls. I at least spend 1 hour a day thinking about how to keep my business up to date with new ideas and clients. I also ready daily celebrity planner blogs and books once a week to stay informed of new and fresh ideas. I do inventory, business budget and client budgets twice a week depending on how many events we have scheduled for the upcoming week.
Event planning is my passion and I absolutely love every moment. With all of the things I do on my working days, I love to spend time with my wonderful family when I’m not working, My Husband and three beautiful children (Son 13, and girl’s 6 & 1) very active children and let’s not forget about my AMAZING GOD!!!

How Did You Get Started In the Industry?
I always knew that I wanted to have my own business but wasn’t sure what that was. Before starting the business, I was responsible for designing many successful events for family, friends. Many people would call me for ideas and would always encourage me to pursue event planning as a career. It is truly my passion. I find my design Inspiration with the clients dream for their event. I thrive on creating Luxury Services were they will have both a pleasurable and memorable experience. So here it is I’m living my Dream…. Simply PerKfect Event Boutique.


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