Creating your own Wed Site

Once you’ve shared the good news, now share it with a user friendly site ( usually for FREE!! This website will give you step by step instructions for designing your own personalized wed site you can include photos, information of travel, wedding planning updates, options to RSVP and links to gift registry. Be mindful when designing your site:

website design

(Photo credit: The Knot)

– Your website should be a representation of who you are as a couple. Take a moment to decide on what you want to share with your family and friends.

– Don’t overwhelm your visitors with so much information that they miss out on the most important things.

– Don’t over do it with your personal life. Share things on your site like the first date, the first kiss, what you both like about each other etc. Keep your information tasteful and inclusive.

– Keep in mind your guest that don’t have access to internet, so that they are all in the loop on things send him or her a copy of any important information posted on your web page.

– Once the wedding fun is all over make sure you post pictures from the wedding and honeymoon with them to show you care and that having them being part of your day was a blessing and to all involved the BIG thank you’s.


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