Get the wedding day GLOW!!

All brides want their complexion and makeup to appear flawless on their big day. Planning a wedding or event can be very stressful. All types of stress can lead to breakouts, lack of sleep and not feeling your best. Eating a well balanced diet and exercise will help you maintain healthy glowing skin. Here are some tip to help you have the flawless look you’ve always wanted for your special day.


– Drink plenty of water, 6-8 cups of water help our bodies it needs hydration and it detoxify our bodies.
– Exercise daily with a routine for 45-1 hour it helps remove any or all of the clogs in your pores.
– Avoid smoking and alcohol it dries and dehydrates the skin.
– get plenty of sleep, studies show that our bodies need at least 8 hours of sleep daily
– Eat the right foods helps you have the flawless look that your going be looking for.When it comes to healthy-looking skin, what you put in your body may matter more than what you put on it. Try cinnamon, pistachios, olive oil, green tea, turmeric, brown rice, water, cantaloupe, artichoke. peppermint, red grapes, acai, oat milk, broccoli, nuts, garlic, kale just to name a few.

Always remember if things start to get overwhelmed look into having a planner take over your special day so that you can be the life of the party. Simply PerKfect Event Boutique is here and would love to assist you. you can book us at http://www.speventboutique or contact us at 708-320-8053

Until Thursday have a fabulous day!!


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