The Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are still the visual focal point of many receptions. The traditional cake is round or square, multi-tiered and frosted in white or pale pastels. But there’s no real limit on the size, shape, color, and style. Some couples skip the cake cutting and serve individual cakes to guest.

Color is everywhere in weddings today, and many couples incorporate their color themes into the design of the wedding cake. Colored floral, splashes of colored frosting or even design of her wedding dress. Some couples opt out on wedding cakes and choose a dessert table filled with pastries, fruits, cookies, mini desserts and many more. The vision is up to you when deciding on the look of your cake/dessert table.Cost of the cake will depend on the quantity required, cake size and elaborateness of the decorations. Because the simplicity of designing a cake takes time the expenses have increased. Usually the cost of a cake can range from $3 to $15 per serving.

Schedule a appointment with the baker four to five months before the wedding. Most reputable bakers offer tastings of cake, fillings and icings. Always sample a bakers work before signing a contract. And remember to bring pictures of the look your wanting and or draw out the cake of your dreams. Take a moment and view some of the cakes from our previous weddings and some of the bakers on our vendor list.


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Happy Planning!!

Antoinette Terry

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