Finalizing your guest list

Your guest count will have a big impact on everything when planning your wedding (i.e invitations, cake, reception and more). The biggest cost factor is the guest list, because reception cost are the most expensive part of your wedding.

First you should start with your budget, make sure you know what you can afford and be realistic. Realize you have to make a choice to plan your guest list around the budget or make a list first and plan around that. Remember it’s YOUR wedding it’s okay to listen to your family and friends when trying to invite guest but your decision should be with yourself and fiancé’. Always remember your budget and the size of your reception play a big role on finalizing your guest list. Should you every get frustrated and need help pulling it all together hire a wedding planner. To book us visit Simply Perkfect Event Boutique

Here is a way to categorize the guest list:

First tier: Immediate family ( parents,siblings, grandparents, your own children)

Second tier: Extended family members ( aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews)

Third tier: Family friends ( parents close friends, longtime friends and neighbors, childhood friends and their parents of close friends)

Fourth tier: Bride and grooms friends in further tiers of closeness to you (childhood friends, high school and college friends, work friends, new friends)

Fifth tier: Parents colleagues ( associates, employees, employers)

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Happy Planning!

Antoinette Terry

Simply PerKfect Event Boutique is a full service wedding/event planning and design company where our focus is you “Making Dreams come True”. Please contact us at or (708)320-8053 to plan your wedding or special event. Book us at Simply Perkfect Event Boutique


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