Food tasting tips

Food and food service are the most important elements of your wedding celebration. Most caterers offer clients tastings of their food, from hors d’oeuvers to main courses. Food tasting are very important it reflects the chef’s preparation. Here are some tips on things to look for during your tasting:

1. If you have hired a wedding planner, they will schedule the tasting with the company, most likely because they have a relationship with them. It’s the planners job to be the clear eyed troubleshooter and to make sure you get the service you want.

2. Look for signs of good quality food. Make sure food does not appear discolored or dry. Check your salad, vegetables and bread. Make sure the detail is what you like.

3. Notice the attentiveness of the staff. If you’re attending a buffet tasting, note weather food is allowed to sit out for long periods without being replenished. The caterer should have sufficient staff to keep presentation as fresh looking.

4. Ask if it’s possible to meet the chef at your tasting. Be sure to thank the chef and offer positive feedback. Once you empower a chef with your attention and confidence, the results are amazing.




Photo credit: Pure Kitchen Catering

Pure Kitchen Catering Is one of the best food catering companies in Chicago, ILL

Happy Planning!

Antoinette Terry

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