Seated vs. Buffet

At a traditional sit down dinner or luncheon, guest are usually assigned places at dining tables and are served by waitstaff. Place cards can either be set on the tables or laid out alphabetically on a separate table where guests pick them up early in the reception. Generally a seated wedding meal comprises there courses- soup, salad or appetizer; entrée with vegetables and dessert.

There are several variations on the method of service including:

Plated service: The food is already arranged on the plates when they are set before the guests at the table.

Russian service: Empty plates are on the tables and the waitstaff serve each course from platters. There may be more than one waiter; one serves the meat another serves the vegetables and the third might serve salad.

French service: One waiter holds the serving platter while another serves the plates. French service can be very efficient when guests are offered a choice of entrees.


Photo Credit:Lemon Twist Images

Buffet service adapts to any wedding style and is particularly well suited for brunch and luncheon receptions. Whether a buffet is more or less expensive then a seated meal depends on the costs of the food served, the number of service staff required and the amount of food likely to be consumed. Guest may or may not have assigned seats. So tables can be small or large as you visioned.. Normally places are set with tableware, glasses and napkins but guest might pick up their own utensils and napkins at a casual buffet.


Lets no forget about the little kids buffet:

If you plan to have children attend one way to serve at the reception is to offer a kid friendly buffet table with their height. Also try to include such friendly foods like fish sticks, chicken fingers, vegetables and cookies.

If this is just to much to decide on leave it up to a professional to help make that decision for you based on your vision and budget.

Until next time, Blessings and Happy planning!!!

Antoinette Terry

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