Styling at the Left Bank

The Left Bank Jewelry and Bridal Finery is one of my favorite businesses for wedding jewelry. One of the first places that I recommend to our brides. Selecting pieces from their extensive collection of jewelry, headpieces, veils and wedding shoes all to complement you beautiful wedding gown. Let them handle all the little details for you. And if your not a bride don’t worry there is plenty of gems, rhinestones and more. And not to mention the prices are very reasonable. Take a moment and check out their website for get buys. The Left Bank also have styling services: The styling service for Chicago brides allows you to try on your accessories with your dress so you can see exactly what looks best for your wedding day, stress free, worry free, and free! Book them at (773)-929-7422 If you’re not a Chicago bride, don’t fret, They also help hundreds of brides out via email, phone & Skype too! Email them a photo of your dress and the details of your wedding day and we’ll help put a look together for you! They at located at 1115 West Weber Avenue Chicago, IL 60614 Styling_Service


Bouquet Shape Guide

One of the fun things I love about weddings are the pretty blooms. They can make or break your wedding. I love a wedding filled with beautiful flowers from the ceremony to the reception. Today were going to focus more on the bridal bouquet. Keep in mind bridal bouquets can cost a pretty penny, so choose it wisely. Use this bouquet glossary to help you pick that favorite floral for your special day. When you visit with your florist print out this guide to help you. Get ready bloom lovers!


Happy Planning!!

Suited up Groom Style

Our brides always have all the fun with accessorizing her look for the BIG wedding. Let’s give our men some credit when it comes to their styling. They always have the great combination of looks to make their special lady look fabulous as well. As I begin to think about our guys, and their look they have six sharp looks for our modern men. Here is a combination of six modern styles. Enjoy!
Photo Credits: Junebug Weddings…

Classic Look
clasic look
get look

Modern Elegance
Modern Elegance

Timeless Suiting
Timeless Suiting
Timeless suiting get look

Bold & Distinctive
Bold and Distinctive
BD look

Crisp Casual
crisp casual
crisp casual look

Vintage Hip
Vintage Hip
Vintage Hip look

To get all these looks and read more visit


Getting Hitched Wedding Guide Checklist

Planning and scheduling will allow you to enjoy being married on your special day. Majority of large planning takes 12 months or less to plan. Here is a guide to help you organize and plan for your day and to focus on the details of you and your fiance’ vision. Happy planning!!

10–12 Months To Go
•Work on your budget and establish your top priorities where to save/where to splurge.
•Find amazing Ideas, start browsing our blog, Pinterest, bridal blogs and magazines to identify your wedding style and color palette.
•Compile your guest list (you’ll need that guest count for food purposes!).
•Choose your wedding party
•Find a venue for your ceremony and reception, and reserve your date. Know what questions to ask when evaluating a wedding venue.
•Already feeling overwhelmed? Consider hiring a Wedding Planner.

6-8 months To Go
•Find Wedding Invitation designs you love and start working with your design company (Pick up to 3)
•Choose Favors and Thank You Cards.
•Meet with officiant to discuss plans for ceremony.
•Reserve all your rentals: chairs, linens, lighting, décor, etc.
•Choose cake style and schedule tastings with various bakers also order a grooms cake
•Select men’s formalwear and give information to groomsmen
•Book transportation to and from venues.
•Purchase wedding bands.

4-6 months To Go
•Purchase wedding bands
•Shop and Order bridemaids’ dresses
•Mail out invitations
•Finalize catering menu for reception
•Get confirmation from vendors
•Plan the rehearsal dinner

2 months To Go
•Give your caterer/venue the final guest count.
•Create seating and place cards.
•Pick up your gown!!
•Confirm arrival times and finalize the wedding timeline with vendors and the wedding party—make sure your wedding planner has a copy
•Put together your own Bridal Emergency Kit.
•Contact those who hasn’t RSVP’d yet.

1-2 weeks To Go
•Confirm lodging for out of town guests
•Create a master schedule and distribute to attendants and vendors
•Finalize vows if writing your own
•Give final guest count to ceremony and reception site
•Confirming all vendor delivery times and dates etc.
•Bachelor and Bachelorette party
•Your planning is complete…. and will be breathtaking!!!


Love & Marriage

Today we celebrate Valentines day. A day of celebrating all things love and relationships. But what I love most is the love from our couples as they said ” I DO”. As I look back at the weddings we planned, I’m glad to say It was such an honor to help them bring their vision to life.

Planning a wedding can be very stressful that they forget all the little important details to add that they forget the purpose of their special day. Here at Simply PerKfect Event Boutique we focus on what’s most important to you on your wedding day, so that you can enjoy being engaged and the life of your special day.

Here are just a few photos of some of our special couples in our lives that have become our friends. Enjoy!





The lady behind Simply PerKfect Event Boutique


Name: Antoinette Terry
Business Name & Location: Simply PerKfect Event Boutique – 310 W 112th Chicago, IL
Number of Years Working in Event Industry: 7 years in various industries
Twitter & Instagram: SimplyPerkfectEvents
What’s your signature scent? I absolutely love anything with lavender and clean linen
My favorite flower? Peonies, Allium and Roses
Favorite Color? PURPLE

What is Your Typical Day Like?
A typical day for me as the owner of Simply PerKfect Event Boutique is a bit unique. Therefore, my attention on the business mainly happens in the morning (my favorite time of day) and on the weekends.
A typical event planning day for me is to start by reviewing my daily task list prioritized highest to lowest and what needs to be addressed immediately. It can be either posting on our Facebook page, updating our blog, tweeting, marketing, typing up contracts or just returning emails and phone calls. I at least spend 1 hour a day thinking about how to keep my business up to date with new ideas and clients. I also ready daily celebrity planner blogs and books once a week to stay informed of new and fresh ideas. I do inventory, business budget and client budgets twice a week depending on how many events we have scheduled for the upcoming week.
Event planning is my passion and I absolutely love every moment. With all of the things I do on my working days, I love to spend time with my wonderful family when I’m not working, My Husband and three beautiful children (Son 13, and girl’s 6 & 1) very active children and let’s not forget about my AMAZING GOD!!!

How Did You Get Started In the Industry?
I always knew that I wanted to have my own business but wasn’t sure what that was. Before starting the business, I was responsible for designing many successful events for family, friends. Many people would call me for ideas and would always encourage me to pursue event planning as a career. It is truly my passion. I find my design Inspiration with the clients dream for their event. I thrive on creating Luxury Services were they will have both a pleasurable and memorable experience. So here it is I’m living my Dream…. Simply PerKfect Event Boutique.


Engaged now what?


Before you begin the fun wedding shopping you must set a budget that you can afford. Having a luxury wedding doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to have the wedding of your dreams. Here’s some tips on how to create a budget and stay on track.

Budget- Create a budget you and your spouse can handle and decide on how much you already have saved.

Who paying- Find out who’s paying for what on your wedding. Maybe they can contribute to certain items like… DJ,Flowers,Invitations

Guest- Your budget will be linked to your guest count. The larger the number of guest the largest the budget. Remember that food and beverage are based on a per person amount.

Prioritize- Remember that it’s okay to splurge on what’s important to you in your wedding and cut back on things that insignificant.

Keep track- Once your budget is set, keep a binder with all your expenses all the way to the favors. Make sure you log everything, and if your going over budget go back and reevaluate.

Make payments- Each and every vendor is different, but making payments on time is essential. When booking with a vendor it’s almost a must that you punt down a deposit. Then making payments as follow on the day discussed.

Remember having the wedding of your dreams you must plan for it. Set a budget that will allow you and your spouse to enjoy each and every moment of the process. And if your frustrated, add a wedding planner to your budget. The wedding planner will allow you to relax and enjoy being engaged and be the life of your big day


What every potential client should know!!

Wedding planning is not easy as you think. We pour our hearts and soul into every event. Budgeting for your event will save you time,money,sanity and your life. The planning journey of your big day is just as important as your wedding day. All you have to do is TRUST the vendors you have selected and hired and allow us to bring your ‘Dream to LIFE’.

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Selecting Bridesmaid Dresses

I love helping my brides with selecting bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaids come in many different shapes and sizes and sometimes it’s hard to find that perfect bridesmaid dress.Two Birds offer this amazing dress that is definitely a one style fits all as it can be worn 15 different ways. The classic bridesmaid dress comes with a high waist, is available in 19 colours and can be worn again and again and again. In a couple of weeks I’ll have the pleasure of assisting my bride with making a good choice. Take a peek at some of the unique styles.
One shoulder flat back

Full coverage

Halter Bow


What style bridesmaid dress will you choose?? Would you consider TwoBirds Bridesmaid??

Check them out at


Having a fabulous wedding while staying within your budget!!

Have you ever purchased several bridal magazines and while scanning through them you flipped through the pages and suddenly stopped on a page and thought this is what I want??? And then every one you told thought you were correct and that style fitted you.

The secret of what makes your wedding special and amazing is when all the pieces come together to tell an untold story of your love. And that story speaks to you.

Here is a simple 6-step plan that helps you make your wedding fabulous while styling budget.

Whats your story
Talk with your fiancé about how you met, things you enjoy doing together, movies or music you enjoy and your heritage. Pick a few things that you feel are important to both of you and then decide on the overall style for your wedding. There are many possibilities and you can do on your own to make it your own style. Once you have chosen the overall style add some adjectives that describe the feeling you want in your story your ready for the next step… BUDGET!!

What’s your budget
Take a look at the inspiration boards and think about the aspects you really like and how you can incorporate them into your wedding. There are so many details in a wedding that allow you opportunities to tell your story and your style.

Define your color
Once you have a style down the color becomes easy. It’s good to have a primary color or color scheme with one or two supporting colors. Colors are important and convey emotions.

Creat an inspiration board
Look through wedding magazines and collect images that you like. You can do this by cutting out pictures and glueing them on a piece of paper. Or you can use a cork board which for me was the best. Or you can use Pinterest on the internet. This is a great way to begin to see your vision come to life. to

Prioritize what matters
Prioritize the things that are most important to you, things that are secondary and things that you can do without.

Time plan and implementation
After you have decided what items you’ll buy, what you’ll have vendors supply and what you’ll do yourself, create a detailed (and realistic) time plan that allows you enough time before your wedding to implement and avoid any stress on your big day. All you would need now is a “Day of planner”

Happy planning and make your day fabulous!!!