Personalize your wedding envelope

Adding personalized stamps to your wedding envelope is becoming a popular trend. Many clients and myself love to have the clients details throughout the entire wedding process. Invitations and postage normally set the tone for your clients, they then will get an idea what type of wedding there will be. The overall color and theme.

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Follow the link to order your personalized stamps: Zazzle

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Antoinette Terry

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The Perfect Venue

Finding the perfect venue is the very most important thing you should look for first when planning your wedding. Once you have determined the size, budget, location and style you will better have an idea as to the look of the venue you would like. Most venues require a deposit the day you reserve and a cancellation fee. So be sure you absolutely love the venue of your choice. Keep in mind hiring a full time wedding planner can help you determine which venues would be best because they work close with preferred vendors. Here are a few important considerations to keep in mind when selecting the perfect place.

Size- Choose a location that’s great for the size of your guest count. Do not choose a spacious venue if your guest count is smaller because you will have more to decorate and the tables will be far apart from each other. Make your guest feel comfortable.

Layout- Make sure your layout is correct so that you can easily set up chairs and tables, cake table,bridal table, food table (If having a buffet style), gift table etc.

Travel- When picking the perfect venue ask yourself is the destination accessible, how long does it take your guest to get from ceremony to reception if not in the same location. If within budget consider hiring a bus transportation to transport you guest to the reception and back. You don’t want to loose your guest because of the distance that they may have to travel.

Formality- The level of formality is very important because it sets the time and day of your wedding. If your having a morning or afternoon reception you can be more informal or formal as you want, but if it’s in the evening it’s usually a more formal reception which requires a more formal venue.

Before you sign a contract with the venue be sure to have a tour to make sure all your needs are meet. Check for all the important things. Ask what are their restrictions for you and your vendors. Make sure theirs parking for your guest. And most important make sure it is what you want.

Mirage Banquets
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Simply PerKfect Events Boutique is a full service wedding/event planning and design company where our focus is you “Making Dreams come True”. Please contact us at or (708)320-8053 to plan your wedding or special event. Book us at

Getting Hitched Wedding Guide Checklist

Planning and scheduling will allow you to enjoy being married on your special day. Majority of large planning takes 12 months or less to plan. Here is a guide to help you organize and plan for your day and to focus on the details of you and your fiance’ vision. Happy planning!!

10–12 Months To Go
•Work on your budget and establish your top priorities where to save/where to splurge.
•Find amazing Ideas, start browsing our blog, Pinterest, bridal blogs and magazines to identify your wedding style and color palette.
•Compile your guest list (you’ll need that guest count for food purposes!).
•Choose your wedding party
•Find a venue for your ceremony and reception, and reserve your date. Know what questions to ask when evaluating a wedding venue.
•Already feeling overwhelmed? Consider hiring a Wedding Planner.

6-8 months To Go
•Find Wedding Invitation designs you love and start working with your design company (Pick up to 3)
•Choose Favors and Thank You Cards.
•Meet with officiant to discuss plans for ceremony.
•Reserve all your rentals: chairs, linens, lighting, décor, etc.
•Choose cake style and schedule tastings with various bakers also order a grooms cake
•Select men’s formalwear and give information to groomsmen
•Book transportation to and from venues.
•Purchase wedding bands.

4-6 months To Go
•Purchase wedding bands
•Shop and Order bridemaids’ dresses
•Mail out invitations
•Finalize catering menu for reception
•Get confirmation from vendors
•Plan the rehearsal dinner

2 months To Go
•Give your caterer/venue the final guest count.
•Create seating and place cards.
•Pick up your gown!!
•Confirm arrival times and finalize the wedding timeline with vendors and the wedding party—make sure your wedding planner has a copy
•Put together your own Bridal Emergency Kit.
•Contact those who hasn’t RSVP’d yet.

1-2 weeks To Go
•Confirm lodging for out of town guests
•Create a master schedule and distribute to attendants and vendors
•Finalize vows if writing your own
•Give final guest count to ceremony and reception site
•Confirming all vendor delivery times and dates etc.
•Bachelor and Bachelorette party
•Your planning is complete…. and will be breathtaking!!!

Get the wedding day GLOW!!

All brides want their complexion and makeup to appear flawless on their big day. Planning a wedding or event can be very stressful. All types of stress can lead to breakouts, lack of sleep and not feeling your best. Eating a well balanced diet and exercise will help you maintain healthy glowing skin. Here are some tip to help you have the flawless look you’ve always wanted for your special day.


– Drink plenty of water, 6-8 cups of water help our bodies it needs hydration and it detoxify our bodies.
– Exercise daily with a routine for 45-1 hour it helps remove any or all of the clogs in your pores.
– Avoid smoking and alcohol it dries and dehydrates the skin.
– get plenty of sleep, studies show that our bodies need at least 8 hours of sleep daily
– Eat the right foods helps you have the flawless look that your going be looking for.When it comes to healthy-looking skin, what you put in your body may matter more than what you put on it. Try cinnamon, pistachios, olive oil, green tea, turmeric, brown rice, water, cantaloupe, artichoke. peppermint, red grapes, acai, oat milk, broccoli, nuts, garlic, kale just to name a few.

Always remember if things start to get overwhelmed look into having a planner take over your special day so that you can be the life of the party. Simply PerKfect Event Boutique is here and would love to assist you. you can book us at http://www.speventboutique or contact us at 708-320-8053

Until Thursday have a fabulous day!!