The Wedding Rehearsal

Although wedding rehearsal are very standard its easy to forget the details that go into planning. Add some excitement to all the nervousness involved in planning a big day. It is important that all of the wedding party be fully involved in the rehearsal. It’s even more important that they pay close attention when the service is nontraditional or unfamiliar. Below are some guidelines to consider for a traditional wedding rehearsal:

Who attends?
Bride and groom
Best man and the maid and matron of honor
Groomsmen and ushers
Ring bearer
Flower Girl
Parents of the bride and groom (Typically the rooms parents have no active part of ceremony they don’t need to be present)
Anyone speaking or preforming in the ceremony
Musicians, DJ, audio technicians who are handling the music and the sound system during the ceremony.
Photographer and Videographer

What should they wear?
Clothing that’s acceptable for the house of worship.

When is the rehearsal held?
Typically the rehearsal is held one week before the wedding or two days before. The closer to the wedding rehearsal takes place the better chances that all will go smoothly.

What happens during the rehearsal?
At the rehearsal, the wedding planner or officiant reviews the order with the couple. The officiant might ask the couple to recite one verse so they can find the right tone and volume.If there is an aisle runner, use the timing and signals for placing the runner once the brides mother has been seated The organist plays the processional so that the pace and spacing can be practiced. The order of procession is established and the attendants walk up the aisle two or three times until all goes smoothly. Everyone makes sure things are comfortable and that the order looks symmetrical. The maid of honor then learns when to take the brides bouquet and how to arrange the brides train with out attracting attention to herself. The officiant will explain when the veil if worn should be turned back and a decision is made on who will do so. After the kiss the bride and her party will follow her then the guest.
Then off to greet bride and groom and party or meet at the reception hall.


Until next time, Blessings and Happy planning!!!

Antoinette Terry

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